The gift of charity, right in your pocket.

PocketCause Charity Gift Cards

Give the gift of giving! Now you can give your friends, clients or customers a Gift Card that cares.. Purchase a PocketCause Gift Card, the first gift card that can redeemed, right through your smartphone, to any non-profit organization in the world.

How does it work?
You purchase a gift card from PocketCause - for any sum, currency, and quantity you desire. For each gift card, you can write a personal message. You'll then receive a link to the gift card, which can viewed from your smartphone or computer, and sent to your friend or customer.

Each PocketCause gift card has a numerical code, which the recipient can redeem within the PocketCause app. As soon as they do, the value of the Gift Card is deposited in their PocketCause account, and they can then donate it to the charitable cause they care about most. Through PocketCause, you can donate to any of the 2 million non-profit organizations in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel.

Proven customer value
The Wall Street Journal found that giving charitable gift certificates to your customers substantially increases customer loyalty and social branding. 82% of Crate & Barrel customers who redeemed a charitable gift certificate were "very likely to consider Crate & Barrel for next home furnishings or accessories purchase" compared to 76% of a control group of customers that didn't get certificates. While just 21% of the control group perceived Crate & Barrel as community-minded, 75% of gift-certificate redeemers had that perception. More than half of the redeemers said they told someone else about Crate & Barrel giving them a charitable gift certificate.

How much does a PocketCause Gift Card cost?
You can choose the sum and currency of the card you'd like to purchase. Your purchase has has no sales tax, and is 100% tax-deductible; you'll receive a tax-receipt for the full amount of your purchase.

What does the PocketCause Gift Card look like?
You can create your own design for the Gift Card, or you can use one of our designs. To see what one of the Gift Card designs look like click here.