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It's hard to donate from your smartphone. It doesn't need to be.
Meet PocketPay, the world's first donation form that's built just for your mobile donors. PocketPay makes it easy to donate to your organization from any mobile device. It's the fastest way to give today.
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43% of your donors are reading the emails that you send them on a mobile device.
So if you ask them to give, their iphone is where they're going to try to give.

But today, while you might have a donation form that looks good on a smartphone, if you'll still requiring your mobile donors to fill out a long form, you're going to lose them.

Your mobile donors are 3 times more likely to leave your donation form without giving. And that's because donors don't like filling out long forms on their smartphone. All of that information you want them to fill out, their name, address, dedication - deters them from giving.

That's a lot of lost donations. And that's got to stop.

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We can double your mobile donations. Beta testing on 10,000 donors saw a 200% increase in mobile conversion rates. In a random A/B test performed between July 8 – September 8, 2016, we randomly sent 10,244 donors to either a donation form visually optimized for mobile devices, or to a PocketPay donation form. During this period, the conversion rate for donors using the PocketPay form was 227% higher than for donors using the mobile “optimized” donation form. Twice as many donors donated, simply because we gave them a faster mobile giving experience.

PocketPay is a mobile giving form that allows your mobile donors to donate using only their email address and payment method. Nothing to download, and no registration needed.

But even better - you still get all of the donor's personal information.

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Easy Set-up

You can create your PocketPay mobile giving form in five minutes or less, and start collecting donations.

Cost Effective

With transaction fees starting at only 1.9%, your PocketPay giving form might be the cheapest way to fundraise online.

Simple Integration

When your donor clicks on the link to you PocketPay giving form, we'll automatically redirect all non-mobile donors to your current donation form.

Ready to go

You don't need a merchant account to use PocketPay. Once you set up your form, it's ready to fundraise.

Security is #1

For over 7 years, our security and fraud prevention systems have been keeping you and your donors safe.

Connects to PocketCause

If your donor has installed the PocketCause app, she'll be able to donate in one-tap, right on your PocketCause donation page.

PocketPay is just for your mobile donors, and integrates seamlessly into the donation form that you use for your regular donors.

When a donor clicks on the link to your PocketPay mobile giving form, we'll instantly detect whether your donor is on a regular computer or tablet. If they are, we'll send them right to your standard donation form.


Proven Results

PocketPay has increased mobile conversions by over 45%.

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Over 280 non-profit organizations
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We've been helping nonprofits
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Questions & Answers

The long answer to the short question is this: You create a PocketPay mobile giving form and send all of your donors there. Your mobile donors stay on the form, while your computer and tablet donors go directly to the donation form that you're using today. Your mobile donor enters his email address, the amount he wants to donate, and his payment information. And clicks Give.

The donation is processed. Done. Confirmed.

No registration, nothing to download. It's really the fastest, easiest way to give online.

Now that the donation is processed, the donor can then enter his personal information, in one of three ways: by installing the PocketCause app, by entering the information on the mobile-optimized form, or by emailing himself a link to the form, so that he can fill out his personal details when he's back at a PC or a place that's more convenient for him to enter all of that information.

Once he enters his information - right away, a day later, a week later - using one of those three methods, we instantly issue him a fully tax-deductible receipt by email.
We know. It took you a while to decide on a provider of your donation form, and most donors on computers seem to like it fine. You just need a better solution for your mobile donors.

No problem - we're going to give you the best of both worlds. When you create your PocketPay mobile giving form, you're going to tell us the address of your current donation form. You'll then replace the link to your current form with the link to your PocketPay form. When your donor clicks on our link, we'll instantly recognize whether your donor is visiting from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. If he's on a smartphone, we'll take him to your PocketPay form. Otherwise, we'll send him instantly to your current donation form.

You get a PocketPay mobile giving form and keep your current donation system, all through one single link.
Sure. See the PocketPay mobile giving form that we created for Greenpeace by clicking on the button below:
Donate now

The first thing that you'll notice is that if you clicked on the link from a PC or tablet, you were sent directly to GreenPeace's current donation form. Only if you click on the link from a smartphone will you be taken to the PocketPay mobile giving form. So open this page from your iphone. Go.

From your mobile device, you'll see how your form might look like (you can control the content, fields, and design). If you're feeling generous, make a donation. If not, you can make a "demo donation" and test out the process by entering the following payment details:

Credit Card number: 9111111111111111
Expiry: 01/2016

Note that if you have the PocketCause app already installed, you'll be taken directly to Greenpeace's donation form on the app - one tap, and the donation is done. Click on the button below to install Greenpeace's PocketCause-branded app:

We partner with national foundations in the U.S. (America Gives), Canada (Canada Charity Partners), the U.K. (UK Gives), and Israel (IsraelGives). When a donation is made through your PocketPay giving form, the donation is being made to this foundation. It instantly issues a receipt to the donor, and then donates to you the funds, by check or bank transfer, every two weeks.

If you have your own merchant account, we can connect it to your PocketPay giving form. Then, all donations will flow directly to your bank account, and we'll set you up an e-receipt, which will be sent in your name by email to your donors.
When a donation is made, we charge a small transaction fee, starting at only 1.9%, as follows:

Donations by online bank transfer (ACH/echeck) Donations by credit card and PayPal
Canada 1.9% plus $1 3.5% plus 30¢
United States 1.9% plus $1 3.9% plus 30¢
U.K. 1.9% plus £1 3.3% plus 20p
* In the US, payments by American Express will incur a 1.3% supplemental fee. In Canada and the UK, we don't currently accept Amex.
PocketCause works hard to ensure the security of our systems (as an Israel-based company, we know a bit about security). No credit card or payment details are stored on the app, but rather in a PCI-compliant infrastructure, where all payment data is encrypted. We also have proprietary fraud, hacking, and DDOS protection systems running 24/7 to decrease potential chargebacks.
PocketCause is a start-up based in Tel Aviv, the home of the biggest start-up scene in the world outside of Silicon valley (we share the neighborhood with Waze, Wix, Fiverr, Viber, and a few thousand other startups). We were founded by (and partner with) IsraelGives, an Israeli social business that since 2009 has been powering the online fundraising of over 1,600 nonprofits in Israel, the US, UK, and Canada.

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