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The PocketCause app for Nonprofits

Recruit new donors through PocketCause, the world's giving app. Engage your mobile supporters, right on their smartphone, with direct messaging and push notifications. For free.

PocketCause app for Nonprofits
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What your Nonprofit can do with PocketCause

Create your PocketCause account for free today and change the way you do mobile.

Build your PocketCause Profile

Build your organization's profile page so that new donors can get exposed to your cause, and donate to your organization.

Brand PocketCause for your Organization

You can create a fully branded version of PocketCause for your organization. Ensure that every time your donor opens the app, he sees your name, brand, and content.

Update your community

Updates are automatically sent to all of your followers. In a Facebook-style feed, they see all of your content and updates, when they want to see it

Push Notifications and Direct messages

Stop being satisfied with a 14% open rate. Send direct messages to all of your followers and donors, with a Push Notification every time you message them.

Recruit new donors

PocketCause exposes your organization and brand to a network of hundreds of thousands of global donors, and also to the friends and family of your current donors.

One tap to give

Stop mobile donor drop off. Now, your donors can donate to your organization by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer - in one click

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