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A crowdfunding plaform built for nonprofits.
Double every donation through matching campaigns. Build a fundraising team. And always keep everything you raise.

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Crowdfunding for Nonprofits.

Want to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign but not sure where to start?
Start with PocketCause Crowdfundraising.
With PocketCause Crowdfundraising, you can create 4 different types of crowdfunding campaigns, all of which give you the power to raise donations - small and large - from masses of donors at home and around the world.
Use our easy-to-use wizard to create your campaign right now, or contact our Success Squad, who can work with you personally to create a professionally planned and operated fundraising campaign.
And no matter what, you always keep what you raise.

Classic Campaign

Create a crowdfunding campaign and recruit masses of small or large donations from donors at home and around the world.
Create a PocketCause Crowdfundraising campaign and:

Matching Campaign

Raise twice, three times, or four times as much you ever thought you could. With a Matching Campaign, a donor agrees to match every donation that your donors make. You come home with twice as many donations, and the match incentivizes your donors to give!
Create a Matching Campaign and:

Rewards Campaign

Offer your donors rewards in return for their donation Crowdfunding campaigns have swept the world because they allow donors to get something back in exchange for their donations.

Create a Rewards Campaign and:

Team Campaign

Let your supporters join your fundraising team. In a click, donors can add their pictures and message to your campaign and create their own personalized campaign. Great for Marathon and sports fundraising teams.

Create a Team Campaign and:

Success Squad

PocketCause Crowdfundraising comes equipped with a full-service success squad. We're here to help you prepare and launch your successful fundraising campaign, from start to finish. Among the things we can do for your organization:

Standard with every campaign

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Raise more money and pay only out of what you raise.

Do it yourself

  • Create your own campaign using our easy-to-use wizard
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • Keep what you raise even if you don't make your goal. Pay only on what you raise

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