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Mobile Fundraising for Nonprofits

Mobile isn't the future - it's now. Read what PocketCause is about and how we can help.

In 2016, an online fundraising strategy is not complete unless you also have the tools to enable donors to give easily and quickly from their smartphone.

And that's because you're already asking most of your donors to give from their smartphones. Today, over 50% of donors read their emails on their smartphone, and 80% check their social media on the go. That means that when you email your donors, or post to your social media, chances are that your donors will read that message on their smartphone.

But how easy is it to donate to you from a smartphone? Are you requiring your donors to fill out long forms on their small mobile screen? Studies show that 2 out of every 3 donors who enter a mobile form from a smartphone give up without donating. And that's because mobile donors aren't as patient as your average online donor - they won't fill out a long donation form on a small screen.

But a nonprofit mobile strategy isn't just about making it easy to give from a smartphone - it's about getting your donors to read your messages from their smartphone. Today, only 14% of emails you send out will be opened. And that's because 86% of your donors on the go don't have the time to read all of your emails, or their phones send your email to their junk or spam filter. And when you post to your Facebook page, only about 9% of your donors will actually see your post. Not getting your message through is a big deal. Because if you can't reach someone to ask them to give, they won't.

PocketCause was launched to help you deal with these new mobile realities. The PocketCause app helps to you get your message to your donors. The PocketPay mobile form makes it easy for your mobile donors to give from their smartphones. And our online donation forms, ticket sales platform, and campaign systems, are all optimized to get mobile donors to give more than ever before. And we're so confident that we can get you more mobile donations, we guarantee it.

How PocketCause can help

Join PocketCause today and get more mobile donations Guaranteed.

PocketCause Donor App

Build your Profile on PocketCause to recruit new mobile donors. Engage your current donors by sending messages and push notifications to all of your mobile donors.
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PocketPay Mobile Donation Form

Build a PocketPay donation form to let your mobile donors donate to you in one click. No need to replace your current online donation form!
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Online Donation Forms

With our easy-to-use wizard, you can create online donation forms that look and feel just like your own website, and that automatically give mobile donors a one-click giving experience. Come see why our average online donation is $170!
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Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer

Meet the most innovative nonprofit crowdfunding system around. Create matching donation campaigns, reward campaign, create a sports fundraising team, and also let your own supporters create campaigns on their own for marathons, weddings, bar-mitzvahs, and more.
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Events and Ticket Sales

Our ticket sales platform was built specifically for nonprofits. Create a beautiful event site, and sell multiple ticket types in 17 currencies; Encourage buyers to make additional donations, or join as members; instant e-receipting and online sales management.
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Consulting and Strategy

Mobile is the future, so don't get left behind. PocketCause Consulting can help your organization - small or large - develop a mobile-optimizing fundraising strategy. 95% of nonprofits are losing mobile donors because they lack a mobile strategy - let us help you get those donors.

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Over 1,600 non-profit organizations in 5 countries use PocketCause in their fundraising.

Our 100% money-back guarantee

We're so certain that you'll make more money using PocketCause that if over 1 year of working with us you haven't made more money than with your previous donation provider, we'll refund you 100% of the transaction fees that you paid us.

The PocketCause 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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